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Liam Geddes is a #2 billboard charting songwriter / producer spending his time between dublin and london. initially creating a spark on the irish music scene as a ‘one to watch’ artist, he has grown into one of the most exciting songwriters and producers by producing and co-writing the title track to michael bays blockbuster pandemic thriller movie ‘Songbird’. Liam has worked with Afrojack, Tiesto, sleepwalkrs,  ryan mack, welshy, robert grace, madison watkins, Steve kroeger among others. Syncs include Nickelodeon, Fox TV, E4, CW Network, STX, OCN, Liams effortless ability to craft ear-worm melodies, maintain a unique perspective on conversational lyrics and smash out fresh, contemporary productions is indeed what sets him apart. through various releases he has amassed over 9million streams and sold 150k records.

From childhood Liam was steeped in music around him from his family. Early on the piano seemed to be the bait that hooked him into songwriting. shortly after that, Liam began to be classically trained by the late and great Dr. Veronica Dunne in the Royal Irish Academy Of Music, although, classical music was never a main focus it seemed like the right thing do when being accepted by such a huge figure like 'Ronnie'.

Writing and releasing music as a solo artist led to festival appearances on the Irish scene performing alongside artists such as Hudson Taylor, The Blizzards, The Riptide Movement with 5 piece band 'The Geddes' who went on to gather 2 number one singles on the Pop/Rock iTunes charts and another in the top 10 before their departure in 2015.

Once returning to writing and recording solo material Liam was scouted by grammy winning producer and songwriter 'Robert Cutarella' (Elton John, Michael Jackson) who helped mentor and develop him.

"Geddes creates infectious indie pop tunes"

                                                             - Indie Buddie

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